Digital Ship - Vessel Performance Optimisation Forum Cyprus 2019

Shipowners, their investors and customers, are looking harder and harder at vessel performance, as regulation pushes up fuel costs, we see carbon emission costs on the horizon, and people recognise that the general trend is to reduce carbon in general. The ship managers which achieve good results will be the ones who get the vessels to manage.

And to do that, they'll need the best which digital technology is able to offer, covering both satcom and software, and make sure they keep their systems secure.

We'll discuss how this can be done at our 12th Digital Ship Cyprus forum on March 14th, Digital Ship - vessel performance optimisation.

Topics to be covered include cybersecurity and vessel rules, a talk from Columbia about their new centre for managing vessel performance, a panel discussion of CIOs and IT managers about the best way to tackle digitalisation.

Speakers and Panellists Include:

  • Costas Iacovou, Shipping Deputy Ministry‚Äôs Permanent Secretary, Republic of Cyprus

  • Pankaj Sharma, Columbia Control Room Manager, Columbia Shipmangement

  • Captain Eugen Adami, Managing Director, Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd

  • Xanthos Neophytou, Sales Infrastructure Manager, OSM Maritime Group

  • Adonis Violaris, Marketing Director, Interorient Ship Management and Chairman, Cyprus Shipping Chamber ICT Subcommittee

  • Giampiero Soncini, CEO, IB Marine

  • Warren Gibbs, Head of Information Technology / Leading global operations and advisory services, Uniteam Global Business Services

  • Gina Panayiotou, Global Head of Shipping & Energy , Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC.

  • Dr. Oleg Kalinin, Fleet Director, SCF Management Services

  • Hans Paul, Area Sales Manager, VAF Instruments

  • Michela Schenone, Fleet Performance Specialist, RINA

  • Martin Buhl, VP, Maritime Sales, KNL Networks

  • Mike Konstantinidis, Co-founder and CEO, METIS Cyberspace Technology

  • Marina Hadjisoteriou, Partner, Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC

  • George Venianakis, Director, Global Network Operations, MSS Services, Speedcast

  • Konstantinos Kardiasmenos, Sales Partner, Helvetic Marine Capital (Member of IFCHOR Group)

No admission charge for ship owners, operators, managers and builders.

The Cyprus Digital Ship Vessel Performance Optimisation forum will provide invaluable information for anyone interested in learning more about applying digital technology to improve performance analysis and operate more fuel efficiently.

  • CEOs/CIOs/CTOs/COOs/Managing Directors

  • Technical directors/managers

  • Operations directors/managers

  • IT Managers

  • Performance directors/managers

  • New build directors/managers

  • Fleet performance directors/managers and SuperIntendents

  • Energy performance directors/managers

  • Engineering directors/managers

  • Port and terminal operators

  • Freight Forwarders

  • Marine technology manufacturers and digital solutions providers

  • Supply Chain Consultants

 Will also meet delegates involved in Ship Design, Emissions, Regulations, and Sustainability, as well as those working for Marine Equipment Manufacturers, Marine Solution Providers, Paint and Coatings Manufacturers, and Fuel Suppliers.