27 March 2018

Shipping is waking up to a new age where digitalisation is re-shaping the world and creating increased opportunity for development and innovation. Revolutionary concepts plus the evolution and advancement of existing platforms are providing unparalleled growth opportunities for shipping and related transport and supply chain infrastructure. But achieving digital success requires knowledge and understanding, and an ability to drive your company's digital thinking and transformation rather than be driven by it.

Digital Ship's Annual Maritime CIO Forum Cyprus will investigate how we can harness all these opportunities and will debate which are going to stick and really make a difference. We will ask how can we identify the real digital legacy in front of us and truly re-define digitalisation in maritime and transport.

Through 4 clearly defined plenary sessions and informative question and answer panel sessions, we will focus on practical methods and will bring together representatives to discuss the the future of digitisation in the industry.

Session 1

Driving the Digital Revolution through Connectivity
Investigating the opportunities and boundaries of maritime connectivity

This opening session of the day will look at how maritime connectivity is changing. What are the most recent developments? And how can they support ship owners and managers to enhance operational agility and efficiency. We will look at practical examples how maritime connectivity contributes to Smart Shipping. And how we can effectively manage costs.

Session 2

Blockchain and its Impact on the Maritime Industry
Investigating the opportunities in blockchain

Blockchain is conquering the world. It is widely anticipated that blockchain will be the key to transforming the maritime industry by reducing the complexity of maritime transactions whilst increasing security. Initiatives can be found in various industries. In this session we will look at how blockchain can contribute to our maritime industry. What are the benefits and how can we overcome the barriers such as potential liabilities and regulations.

In this session, leading blockchain specialists will provide case studies and examples of how shipping companies can benefit from the blockchain revolution.

Session 3

Harnessing Cyber Resilience and Information Security
A look at maritime cyber security, safety and risk

This expert lead session will look at how the industry is reacting to the advent of increased cyber threats borne out of the growing use of cloud and IoT applications, number of devices used and larger ships but fewer crew. We will discuss current business cases, guidelines and policies already in place. We will look at how to identify, quantify and migitate cyber risk and how to assess the real business risks? We will investigate what GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means in relation to cyber security.

Session 4

The Digital Ship
Redefining Digitalisation in Maritime

Cloud, IoT, big data, remote monitoring…. Digitisation is moving at a fast pace. Autonomous shipping is (perhaps?) not far away. So how can we harness digital developments to make our own businesses smarter, safer and more sustainable? In this session we will investigate key drivers for a successful implementation. What are the most recent developments, how should we use them and what are the benefits and pitfalls? We will look at the best practices and learn from the best.

Plus: An invitation-only exclusive workshop, and many business and networking opportunities, including a post-conference networking reception open to all participants

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